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funky fresh foods   Funky Fresh
A different spin on your average health food website. This is an action foods website in which has a food coop in Indialantic - FL, products for sale, and potential information/advertisement revenue. funky investment id - funkyfreshfoods
world funk organization  

World Funk Organization
The World Funk Organization is a structured society with all of the aspects of living real. It is the authority of funk mixed with many sound business opportunities. The World Funk Organization is the website that will bring everything together. funky investment id - worldfunkorganization

funky fresh foods

FUnk college
"Education should not make you a slave" is the mantra of The Funk College. Based upon apprenticing and gaining real experience to get real work without huge debt. This idea is monumental. funky investment id - funkcollege

world funk organization


Get Down Green
A green consultant firm focused on radical sustainable living. Our future depends on a company like this. Imagine: To clean a polluted pond, use the plastic bottles to build a floating island for a water plant that is fed by the waste of an algae plants that feed on and clean out pollutants. funky investment id - getdowngreen

funky fresh foods

Double Uprising
This is your cultural center for funky activity. Housing two companies under one roof Double D Down N Dirty and Uprising Industries they have the potential to throw and promote events with the best funkiest bands, build marketing campaigns, materials, fair trade funky clothing and websites. funky investment id - doubleuprising

world funk organization


Funk Theory - book/Web
This is the philosophy behind the Funk Empire or World Funk Organization ( Anyone who reads this excerpt from the book will see the potential for a ground-breaking modern philosophy book and movement. All this writer needs is a publisher and some funded writing time and the world will be changed for the better. funky investment id - funktheory





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